1. I think a group like Creative Coalition operates in a very interesting and very important space within the public sphere. The divide between government and the people it serves is getting increasingly wider due to its complexity. CC, in its conduit role between the two, can help to filter information from government through to those whose lives it affects, and report back to help government understand the needs of the sector in a more meaningful way. As a recent graduate, I am very aware of the pull overseas. Despite this, I feel strongly rooted in Auckland and I’m excited about how I can contribute to the creative sector here as it continues to evolve. Auckland seems to be in a unique position - its creative sector is relatively young, but there appears to be a strong appetite within the city to provide increasing support and exposure to creative activities and ideas. I look forward to working with CC to ensure these developments are carried out hand-in-hand with the sector at all the levels that make up its creative ecology.


    Elise Sterback is a member of the Creative Coalition Board. She is an arts policy researcher, cultural strategist, and creates immersive art experiences through her company Vibracorp


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